We buy in bulk!

We purchase and recycle ceramic and metal catalytic converters as well as diesel particulate filters (DPF). Our prices are some of the best on the Polish market and abroad. We have our own infrastructure: ball mills for grinding ceramics and a specialised laboratory equipped with, among other things, stationary XRF spectrometers which allow us to examine each sample very carefully. Catalyst Recycling is an experienced team of industry specialists which have remained unchanged since 2008.

As a company which deals professionally with the recycling of catalytic converters, we have all the necessary environmental protection permissions required for this industry, mainly in terms of transport, storage and processing. We act efficiently and legally, caring about our workplaces. Our company processes are transparent, and our dedicated values are made real. Make resource recovery cover your bills, contact our trade department. Please feel free to come and visit us at our headquarters with your catalytic converters, because we can offer better prices for specific models.

Catalyst Recycling – Why choose us?

Cooperation with the largest partners in Europe in the catalytic converter recycling process gives us a flexible approach to each job. Please contact our trade department directly via the contact tab. Let us get to know each other before we start making money together.

We are aware that a partnership based on very profitable terms is a prerequisite for stable trade relations. We purchase ceramic and metal catalytic converters, in specific numbers and weights (kg for monolith), in bulk and in retail. The most significant factors to influence catalyst pricing are the noble metal content (platinum, palladium, and rhodium), the market prices of these resources and currency exchange rates.

We can use our transport to receive bulk amounts, although our mode of operation makes it possible to offer very good purchase prices for both bulk and retail clients.

Where are we based?

Our headquarters is located in the Lubuskie province of Poland, close to different primary transportation arteries and motorways.

We can be found near national road no. 24, which is a great advantage for sellers seeking a definitive and honest buyer. We are only 90 km from Poznań and 40 from the centre of Gorzów Wielkopolski.

This easy access to our headquarters helps you save time and money, see the map.

Make resource recovery cover your bills

We share our Recovery Covers Bills application with our regular customers as part of our partnership program, which makes the process quicker, easier and more satisfying.

Let us remind you that we are interested in purchasing ceramic catalytic converters with metal inserts, FAP DPF particulate filters, as well as ceramic monoliths. Our beneficial prices make us a reliable partner. The number of catalytic converters or the amount of recyclable ceramic material is of no concern, as we offer something for anyone interested in good contract conditions and high sales prices.

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