Catalyst Recycling Company, in addition to ceramic and metal catalysts buys also particulate filters – dry (DPF) and wet (FAP). To our customers, in addition to reliable service, we offer the best prices in both domestic and foreign market.

Our company is equipped with modern ball mills, we also have specialized equipment allowing for testing provided samples for the content of precious metals. The samples are tested using XRF technology, which lets quickly and effectively determine the precious metal content in the supplied products.

Filtr FAP w Peugeot

Filter FAP Peugeot
Photo source – Wikipedia License: CC BY-SA 3.0

Particulate filter

Particulate filters (DPF and FAP) are designed to separate the harmful substances contained in the soot produced during the combustion process. The soot particles accuimulate in the filter, which consists of a set of channels having a porous internal structure. As a result of this process after some time the filter is blocked. In such a case it is necessary to regenerate the filter or, if it is impossible, to remove the filter and replace it with a new one.